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Time/Attendence Systems

Biometric based Time Attendance Systems:

Each class on an average has 40-60 students. Thus in a lecture of 40 minutes around 5-8 minutes are wasted in taking the attendance, add to that the attendance has to be repeated for every period. Hence approximately 1 hour is wasted daily for each class and hence dozens of hours are wasted every day which could have been utilized fruitfully to impart more knowledge and to do some creative work. The advantage of this solution will be that teachers can use the same system for their attendance also. Furthermore attendance data need to be manually consolidated into the salary register. This is purely non value added activity. This way you can also avoid proxy of students. With this system you will come to know at any given point of time who is present and what time student has joined and what time teacher has started the class. 

If you are a manager I will take care of your management, if you are a production in-charge I will make sure you reach your optimum, if you are an investor I will make sure that your investment has Maximum ROI- I am your TimeOffice-a complete Time attendance solution for your business.

Our advanced Time Attendance Software tracks employees' time and provides a daily reconciliation of time records as reports or for further processing by payroll software. As a result, the software cuts down on administrative time, safeguards from error, and save a substantial amount of money that could have been lost due to mishandled time cards and employees punching in for each other. It is a complete and a cost effective solution for T&A and security. Let’s have a look how this can change your business.

The most complete
 A single application allows any employee to record clock ins and outs, consult their own attendance report and punctuality graph, and to view the attendance list of the day for the entire company. TimeOffice allows anyone to view the attendance and punctuality summary of their coworkers, this way, all employees become punctuality monitors.

Know at any moment where the employees are.
With just a couple of clicks you or anyone can know, at any time, which employees are working inside or outside the company, who already left, who didn't come to work, and who was absent. You don't need to enter passwords or ask for complex reports to have access to all this information.

customized schedules.
Each employee or group of employees can have a different schedule. You can create specific day or night schedules (for those employees having arrival and departure hours pre-defined) or variables (for those who only need to fulfill a specific number of hours each day). You can also define shifts of up to 23:59 daily hours for employees with long working trips beginning on one day and finishing the next.

Centralize the staff information.
TimeOffice allows you to keep a large quantity of information of each one of your employees and consult it daily. It also provides the flexibility of defining up to 6 special fields with useful data according to your particular business or create up to 6 classification parameters that will help you to group employees from one department, area, position, or any parameter you define. 

Permission and vacation management
You can assign late instance permissions, early clock-out and absences, and view them whenever you need to.

Comparative analysis                                                                                                   
Analyze in one single table or graph, the behavior of all employees. Identify at a glance, employees clocking in late, clocking out early or not completing their scheduled time. With TimeOffice you don't need to generate and study long reports to obtain the information you need.

Manual editing of events.
Use the manual editing module to update the record logbook of clock ins and outs at any time. You can easily detect and correct event information that employees have omitted or incorrectly recorded because they forgot to punch in/out, or for any other reason.

Also, the system alerts employees when they have pending records to immediately notify a supervisor.

Intelligent overtime processing.
You can automatically assign permanent overtime to employees or only on specific dates that you authorize, before the clock in hour, during lunch time, after the clock out hour or on non-working days. You can also define a minimum number of minutes to be considered as overtime, allowing you perfect control over who has overtime and under which conditions.

Monthly summary
Review employee punctuality month after month just by looking at the calendar and quickly identify which employees have more absences or tardiness.

A powerful and flexible tool.
Make timely calculations in hour, minutes and decimal formats, print your own id badges, design and execute customized queries with SQL, allow the system to control lunch time periods, modify information of various employees in one step, manage staff salary history, configure non-working days according to company policies, and more...!
Card based Time Attendance system
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  • Hand-Geometry based Time Attendance system, most accurate and reliable solution
  • Web based Time Attendance System
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  • Centralized Time Attendance system (Multi-location)
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