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Sommerville School

 Case Study: Somerville School


Security lessons learnt

Somerville School, Vasundhra Enclave, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi , is a senior secondary school managed by Lott Carrey Baptist Mission in India (Germany mission). The school has approximately 3500 student on roll. 

Just before afternoon on November 9, 2006, fire broke out inside the store room of the examination papers in the Somerville School . After the flames were extinguished, investigators suspected that some combustible material could be the cause of fire. But later a detailed investigation revealed that a student has tried to burn the examination paper. After that incident the school administration decided to install CCTV camera to prevent any such incident in the future,” says Mr. Noel Noris, an Administrative Manager of Somerville School .

Howell Solution 
Howell had been invited to discuss and mitigate these and other kinds of the problems that the school faced, and in the first phase, 7 cameras were installed as a test run in a corridor and in the examination hall of the school. Impressed by the outcome of the system school authorities decided to further improve the security in the school. In the second phase, the entire video security system along with School Broadcasting System was taken up which was designed and implemented by Howell both at Darya Gung and Vasundhra offices. The intensive brain storming and designing was done by technical and design team of Howell so that the whole system should be modular, scalable easy to operate and serviceable. In fact whole system was implemented in five phases, starting from 7 cameras to approximately 200 cameras with world class modular control room. Specific cameras and devices has been used as per the requirement of the location, low light Dome cameras in class rooms, Day/Night Cameras in outdoor location, high illumination masking IR cameras at the gate, speed dome cameras in playing field, Cascaded Digital Recorders in the control room, digital console panels and keyboards in control room to talk, listen and monitor the activities in class rooms, low heat emitting and low power consuming LCDs in the control room and the last but not the least remote monitoring of outdoor camera over internet. 

"I’m impressed by the quality and the features of the products and service that Howell offers. We had a small camera system prior to this system at our Darya Ganj schools. It was not user friendly and did not have the features that the new system provides. We are reasonably convinced to take Howell and its solution to our other schools in Noida and Grated Noida. The systems have made a great difference to our school security!" 

Manager -Somerville School –Mr. Thomas T Roy 

"Since installing the system, we've seen the incidents of vandalism going down. We are noticing a positive change in teachers who now are more attentive towards their classes. We have also noticed fall in breakage of school furniture, fixtures, toilets, light lamps and other building material. We have very good experiences with this system." 

Principal- Somerville School- Mrs. A. Templeton