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Meerut ragging case: Ragging or caste war?

Meerut, September 07, 2010, CURE

An incident of ragging rocked the premises of Sir Chotu Ram Engineering College of CCS University late on Sunday night. Kuldeep Singh and Kamlesh Yadav, students of B.Tech second year of the prestigious college affiliated to Chaudhury Charan Singh University, maintained in their complaint that they were thrashed when they denied to obey unjustified and unlawful demands.

In their complaint, they have named four seniors along with their six other unidentified aides. Police admitted of receiving complaint saying that “ action would be initiated after a thorough investigation.’ SP ( City) Prabal Pratap Singh himself looking into the matter said, “ If someone found guilty he won’t be spared.”

Declining the charges, one of the accused Naveen Chaudhry , however, described it a fallout of the ongoing caste rivalry among students, which has been given a drift as an incident of ragging. “Had they been subjected to ragging it would have happened in the previous year. They are just trying to give a hype to the matter to entangle them in a crime case."

CCS campus has witnessed lot of student tussle on caste and regional grounds in the recent past. This incident is also being seen as a consequence of this ongoing caste rivalry.

On the other hand, University administration has denied any such incident and so did the college authorities. DSW, Dr HS Baliyan, expressed ignorance of the occurrence of any such incident. "I have no such information yet." he said.

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Fire causes devastation. Only effective and timely safety measures will ensure that our campus will remain protected and safe. We must use, fire alarm systems, with effective evacuation signage to avoid the fire hazards. For the sake of safety, if the full alarm system is not possible to install, schools like other educational institutes must at least install the manual call based fire alarm system.



Fire alarm system

A Fire detection and alarm system is what most workplaces and public accessed buildings have in place. The Fire Alarm System has two primary functions and depending on how it is designed, protect the life within the building, giving the occupants sufficient warning of an outbreak of fire, so they can evacuate safely and protect the building and its contents by summoning the Fire Brigade at the earliest opportunity. 

The decision on what Category is required for any building is done on the basis of a careful Fire Risk assessment which identifies hazards, which might be in danger and what would happen as a result of the hazard. This involves consultation with the local Fire authorities, building control, Insurers and consultants. 

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