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Perimeter Protection


Perimeter Protection System:

Howell has got range of products for your perimeter protection whether it is protection from animals or human intrusions into your property. Whether it is power fence around your perimeter or optical on your perimeter walls or for that multidirectional synchronized beam sensor for enclosed area. 

Electric Power Fence

Electric fences are employed to r educe crop damages by animals, assist in effective wildlife management in the farming sector and for securing vital establishments from vandals, thieves and intruders.

 Perimeter Optical Beam Sensor

Digital Perimeter beam(frequency Shift) offered by Howell offer high probability of detection levels and low false alarm rates providing clients with confidence in their system. Some of the features are:  

  • High Probability of Detection and low false alarm rates
  • Intelligent control reduces false alarms caused by outdoor environment.
  • Variable range capabilities
  • Photo Beam sensors
  • Electric Power fence systems
  • Digital Beam Sensor
  • REDNET –Multi-directional synchronized beam sensor.
  • Outdoor penta-technology motion sensors