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Parent/Visitor Management Systems

 Visitor Management Systems forms a very critical role, be it daily visitors, parents of students, contractors/ vendors, in short, any one. It streamlines the flow of authorized visitors while keeping unauthorized intruders from gaining entry to a facility. The computerized visitor management system enables the person-in-charge to automatically verify the authorization of the visitor, print a gate pass (with directions) and record the photo of the visitor and his vehicle in the history file. Visitors can be pre-approved in the database or by direct entry by the receptionist, guard or manager, by an automated e-mail update, by a real-time phone call initiated by the PC or by an Interactive Voice Response system that can take a message and present it to the guard at the right time.

Features of the VMS (Visitor Management System) :

  • Each pass has the necessary details of the visitor –hence you don't miss who has visited, whom he has visited and for what purpose he has visited at a single click.
  • Controlling the visiting area for the visitors.
  • List of visitors inside the premises, whenever required- so you are sure no one is left in the building after working hours and hence avoiding any threat.
  • Permission for future visitors in advance Daily, Weekly and Monthly report generation of the visitors.
  • Separate visitor cards for normal visitors, parents, contractors/vendors etc.