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 An interview with Mr. Thomas T. Roy                    Manager-SommervilleSchool

 Q. In your opinion, what are common security issues faced by schools?

  A. The common threats faced by schools today are ragging, bullying, gang situations, Immoral and outrageous behavior of teachers towards kids, drug addiction, and various sorts of crimes and of course terrorism and violence that all schools need to be concerned with. Like any other things schools can, on very rare occasions for terrorist acts. Another risk to schools is fire hazard.

Q. In regards to above what steps you have taken to mitigate these threats?

A. Somerville has always been at for front regarding the security and safety of its students, teachers and of course its admin staff. Somerville has taken multiple steps towards this, for example installation world class CCTV surveillance system with centralized control room, fire extinguishers, emergency medical assistance in school campus etc  

Q. You said you have installed world class CCTV surveillance system with centralized control room, has this system helped you anyways?

 A. As per I am concerned , CCTV is the best that I can offer to the parents as the security of their children is the most important requirement of the current situation which is filled with the nesciences that can cause the community very harshly as can be heard every now and then. Thus, definitely the use of CCTV is a need and a blessing for the school communities. This system goes to show how much can be achieved when there is a determination to change.

Q. What requirements are fulfilled by installing such devices?

A. Security concerns are on the forefront of just about everyone's minds. Filmed evidence of an incident can benefit us considerably and to police, if required.  It can play an extremely important role in directing the investigation of an offence and ensuring the swift detection of an offender.It is acting as powerful deterrent for culprit 

Q. Can you shear some experience with us regarding this system.

A. we have lot of the experiences with this system, for example ones a student and his parents complained that one of Aya (school maid) has stolen money from his bag, but when we retrieved CCTV footage we found that it was one of his classmate and not the Aya.  We have noticed huge fall in breakage of school furniture, fixtures, toilets, light lamps etc

Q.We are even huge change in teachers who had not be proper attentive towards the class.

A. The Teachers and staff fears that the systems are being used by heads to monitor staff performance, and over-measured, over-monitored education putting teachers' ability to work independently at peril. Which i think is not correct.

Q.How well has Howell justified their work of installing and maintaining the surveillance system?

To our observation Howell offers a high standard security system which can mitigate the security and safety related problems that arise in our educational institutions. What we have found is that Howell acted as our partner in curbing the mess. They have huge product line and which helped us to select solution suitable to our requirement and budget. They are knowledge and very good people to work with. So far we have received a desirable service. We recommend them. 

Q. What are the probabilities of enhancing or up grading your system?

A. we have designed a scalable and modular system which can be upgraded any time. That is the best part of design. In fact we have done Somerville schools, vasundara in five phases, from 7 cameras to approx 200 cameras on single site.

Q. Is the maintenance of the CCTV system a burden on schools in this economic era?

Not at all, if at all, sometimes it involves money but no price can be paid for a single human life. Whatever be the condition of the economists, the life of a child gaining knowledge cannot be compared with any amount of money. The human life is the most precious of all the things in the world. Is it not? 

Q. Are you looking to install more devices in your other schools?

A. Yes, Having a look at the effective results of the system, we are looking forward to installing more such devices in our other schools as well.