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ID Card Systems

ID card system:

When most people think of ID cards, they think of a small plastic card with their name and photograph. It is just a small piece of an ID program. You can realize the potential of ID card system by the fact that America is spending 11 billion dollars to have National ID card, UK is spending 18 billion pounds, and India has decided to have a Multipurpose National Identity Card (MNIC) by the end of 2011. The government could spend upto Rs 5,000 crore on the project. Let's discuss how our educational institutes can benefit from the ID card system.Our complete photo ID systems include everything you need to create and administer professional ID cards for your organization, whether it is small office, a multi-location business house, clubs, spa’s, school, college or university. Each system includes a top-quality photo ID card printer, ID card software, supplies, and accessories. We provide both off-the-shelf and custom solutions. Whatever your requirements are, Howell will work with you step by step to find the right ID card solution.

Dome of the feature of our systems are: 

  • » Design and produce secure student ID cards
  • » Centrally manage all ID stations in the school district
  • » Add photo, barcode, magnetic stripe & biometric features
  • » Automatically add card features based on the student record
  • » Integrate with your school’s SASI or other existing data system
  • » Batch update records (e.g. move all 3rd graders to 4th grade)
  • » Prohibit card files from being stolen and printed elsewhere
  • » Add secure watermark features
  • » Record an extensive history of each student ID card including when, who and where each card was produced
  • » View comprehensive logs, reports and charts
  • » Simultaneously link to multiple data systems (student records, cafeteria, library)
  • » Incorporate biometric verification
    • Cashless Debit System for Food and Book Purchases
    • Event Admissions

  • PVC based ID cards
  • Smart card based ID card System
  • ID card Printer, software and its accessories.
  • Lanyards
  • Yoyos
  • PVC Card holders