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Who we are:

SAFECAMPUS is a specialized and dedicated program run by  Howell Protection systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., a part of the  Howell Group of companies, a diverse group working for different walks of life. HPSIPL is a leading company in the field of fire, safety, security and building automation business offering customized solutions for diverse applications around the nation helping its customers and society at large to safe  guard their life, premises and intellectual property.

For more details Visit our corporate website  www.howell.in

 Why Howell Name:

Howell in Cornish/Welsh means the "eminent one- A leader"

 Vision Statement:

To become the first choice in field of fire, safety and security, whereby we can help our customers and society at large to safe guard their life, premises and intellectual property.

 Howell Advantages:

 Reliability & Dependability

Reliability & Dependability are the key for any business to succeed- we at Howell profoundly understand that. We never say we are the best or we are the largest we plainly work to bring trust to our business each day every moment. So when reliability counts you can count on us- to say it simply we are Your Trusted Partner in securityTM


Flexibility is the key to hold the customers for long lasting business relationship and we at Howell are never away from that. Our inventory range has been selected from across the world to simply make it one window service for you. Call to know how it can change your business and what it means us.


As Knowledge is the critical for any business to grow faster, we at Howell continuously train our people to make them up-to-date, each day every day, get the leverage out of that.


It is a power of more than 1, 50, 000 products from single source which we are bringing to you. Make a right choice for the future by trusting Howell Protection systems India Private Limited –People who are committed for success and building world safer and more user-friendly.

 Culture and People: That is what differentiates Howell from its competitors?

We at Howell are creating highest customer-responsive culture. At Howell we are service-oriented trusted people with good listening skills and the willingness to go beyond the constraints of their job description to do what is necessary to rectify a problem and win customer loyalty.

        Our organizational culture is such as to shape high ethical standards which is high in risk tolerance, low to moderate in aggressiveness and focuses on means as well as outcomes. Our managers are supported for taking risks and innovating but are discouraged from engaging in unbridled competition and they pay attention to how goals are achieved as well as what goals are achieved.


Howell Is an ISO-9001-2000 certified organization, which ensures that effective steps are taken at each level to ensure the error free and highest quality services are rendered to its customers. CAPM/CAPA is ensured at each level of services.


Howell is corporate member of Asian professional Security Association (APSA), which ensures that we are contently updated and connected with the latest trends and addition in the security industry. That means what we offer to our customers is what is latest and updated in industry and not the obsolete.